Academic Support Strategist

The successful candidate in this position will genuinely wish to make the lives of students on this campus better, and be willing and able to support them in their needs at Algoma University as a member of AUSU. They will have the ability to be assertive while exhibiting kindness and empathy. They will thrive working alone yet have the necessary skills and personality to work with others.

In addition, in this position the AUSU Academic Support Strategist will respond to cases of grading, student misconduct, and academic dishonesty to guide students through the appeals process, counsel and offer mediation to students, AUSU staff, and faculty members, be familiar with Algoma University policies and able to make recommendations to Algoma U and AUSU staff, and offer support to AUSU where possible on campaigns. It is not required but recommended for success in this position to work with other members of AUSU on their campaigns, especially where they intersect with common student complaints and cases.

In addition, they will assist students at each step of whichever issue they are having through a three step approach, by promptly responding to students, actioning their concerns with assistance, and following up on each case to ensure resolution. In this manner the AUSU Academic Support Strategist aim is that no student at Algoma University ‘falls through the cracks’.


  • Be a Recent Graduate – Preference will be given to Algoma University Graduates
  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Be able and willing to do on the job learning
  • Recommended but not strictly required: being in a degree program related to job duties – examples include Law and Social Work.
  • Recommended but not strictly required: Training or Knowledge of the Anti-Oppressive Approach and Framework.
  • Helpful: Previous experience in a related position or a volunteer role that helps students.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Shall be responsible for ensuring that all activities and endorsements of the Board reflect the anti-oppressive mandate of AUSUShall be responsible for observing all activities of the Board and those supported by the Board to ensure that they are not exclusionary or discriminatory in nature and address any problems as they arise

  • Shall attend to all matters that relate to conflicts within the student body, including but not limited to, within the Board, and between students and other actors within the university (e.g. administration, professors, etc.)
  • Shall represent AUSU, in conjunction with the Vice President Campus Affairs, when issues regarding discrimination and equity are raised in the Algoma University community and need to be addressed
  • Shall be entitled to access files, business reports, and financial records of AUSU within forty-eight (48) hours tendering a written request to the President and to the person responsible for said files, business reports or financial records
  • Where applicable, sit upon appeals committee meeting to provide AUSU and Student representation in student appeals.
  • Correspond with students, faculty, and admin staff as needed via email, phone, and in-person meetings. A successful candidate will need to be willing to do all three.
  • Implement a three step response to cases – intakeactioning, and follow up, so students are supported at every step of needing assistance.
  • Become familiar with Algoma University Policies, found here:
  • Will communicate at least once monthly with VP campus affairs, AUSU president, and AUSU General Manager to determine if coordination between A.A.S.S. and campaigns is possible.
  • Each academic term the A.A.S.S. will either (1) create a recommendation to AUSU regarding Algoma University and better supporting student needs or (2) create a brief case study based on an actual case with steps on how to resolve to build institutional memory and strength.
  • While hours are flexible some hours must fall within regular business hours to be in office with other AUSU employees, and some must fall outside of these hours to ensure that students who work full time can access this service.
  • If a student issue is identified as “common” and especially where concerns of marginalization come into play, a brief outline of the concern and a recommendation must be sent to the director of Student Experience to ensure awareness by Algoma University.
  • Shall attend meetings of the Board when necessary
  • Maintain the minimum required posted office hours per week within the academic year
  • Shall create /maintain a transition binder for the incoming AUSU Academic Support Strategist
  • Shall train and advise the incoming AUSU Academic Support Strategist
  • To complete other duties as required
  • If you are looking for a challenging and deeply rewarding opportunity and you believe you meet the requirements to be successful in this role, please submit a cover letter and resume via email to by Friday February 4, 2022 at 4pm (EST). Only those advancing to the interview stage will be contacted.

    AUSU is an equal opportunity employer who offers a diverse work environment. Applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability status.


    Academic Support Strategist


    Part-Time / 1 Year Contract

    Application Deadline

    February 4, 2022

    Start Date

    February 14, 2022