Board Recording Secretary

Position: Board Recording Secretary

Term: Academic Year of 2022/2023

Start Date: Immediately

Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 5th 2022, 4:00pm EST

The Board Recording Secretary is an officer of the board whose purpose is to ensure the integrity of the board’s documents. Therefore, the Board Recording Secretary has the responsibility to ensure that the Board’s documents accurately reflect the decisions of the Board and are provided to the Board in a timely manner.

The assigned result of the secretary’s job is to ensure that all board documents and filings are accurate and timely. The Board’s documents include but are not limited to: board meeting minutes, board meeting attendance records, and board committee minutes.

The board will ensure that it provides regular feedback and clarifies its expectations (format, level of detail, timeliness, etc.) for the preparation of board documents and communicates this to the Board Recording Secretary. 

The duties and responsibilities of the Board Recording Secretary shall include but not be limited to:

  • Shall be responsible for sending notice for meetings of the Board and sending meeting agenda no later than two (2) days before the scheduled meeting.
  • Shall schedule board meetings for Board members in compliance with AUSU Constitution, By-laws and Policies.
  • Shall communicate meetings of the Board to the membership through available communication platforms no later than two (2) days before the scheduled meeting.
  • Coordinating the creation of Board meeting agendas.
  • Keeping a record of attendance at Board meetings and arranging proxies for General Meetings when necessary.
  • Shall record minutes for all meetings of the Board and Executive Committee.
  • Shall send out meeting minutes for review no later than two (2) days after the meeting.
  • Shall send out approved meeting minutes no later than two (2) days after approval.
  • Shall be a signor, along with board Chair, on all approved minutes.
  • Shall keep records of all minutes for committees of AUSU as requested.
  • Shall be able to ensure proper tracking and filing of minutes and supporting documents.
  • Shall attend all meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee.
  • Transcribing recorded meetings. 
  • Shall create/maintain a transition binder for the incoming Board Secretary; and 
  • Shall perform any other duties that are in the best interest of AUSU, as approved and/or mandated by the Board, its By-laws, policies and/or members.

Remuneration will be paid by honorarium per semester (maximum of $500 depending on performance). Please email resume and cover letter to by Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 at 4:00pm


Board Recording Secretary


Academic Year of 2022/2023

Application Deadline

October 5, 2022

Start Date