Clubs & Societies

Clubs and societies are a great way to get involved and meet new people on campus! Whether you’re looking to join one of our clubs or start your own, there are endless possibilities!

Students can expect a weekly get together that is focused on learning and growing in a Christian group, along with meeting new friends and having great food.

SSM Chapter:

The Algoma University Business Society (AUBS) is a student run club that represents the interests of students pursuing their Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Algoma University. 

SSM Chapter: OR
Brampton Chapter:

To make nfts and share more info about blockchain technology.  The main goal is to make something useful which can help students with the same vision.

SSM Chapter:

To guide students interested in medical school or related programs, and provide opportunities to learn more about the field.

SSM Chapter:

The purpose of the Algoma Psychology Association is to provide a space for any student with an interest in psychology.  The APA will provide experiences for students to be involved by participating in social, academic, and volunteer/charity events. Psychology students will surely benefit by using APA as a resource within the university community.

SSM Chapter:

AUVGC would be hosting frequent virtual and LAN video game events for students in Brampton. Students would have an ability to flaunt their gaming skills and have a chance to socialize in the diverse environment in Brampton. Since Video Game Virtual lobbies are absolutely free and easy to manage, AUGVC is able to join the students from Brampton to SSM and Timmins through virtual events. As a member, one would gain party-planning and event-planning experience. 


Algoma Reads is an academic course in which students do experiential learning by hosting public literary events. The literary events (which always include a guest speaker who is often the book’s author) are free and open to all Algoma University students. The books we read in this course are the CBC Canada Reads shortlist of five books. 


The club will provide a social setting for students to play a verity of tabletop games/ board games. Benefits  include, making friends with similar interests, a chance to socialize during the still ongoing pandemic, Furthermore, as we will be playing a plethora of strategy games it’s very likely that people’s teamwork and decision making skills will improve among other things.

SSM Chapter: 

The club is expected to connect social work theories into practice by involving student in community work. The club will also connect student and faculty in making the Social work program stronger in its pedagogy, learning and teaching as well as introducing students to social work practice with communities. This club will also act as an advocacy centre for Algoma  university students taking BSW degree. The club is a place where students can network .

SSM Chapter: OR
Timmins Chapter: OR

Crafting is a nonmedicinal way to stimulate dopamine, which ultimately makes you feel happy. Beading is a medicine and has helped many people over the years, this group is based around talking and crafting

SSM Chapter:

To provide an opportunity for students to go on bike rides and trails. And to support the wellbeing of students.

SSM Chapter:

Algoma University Biology Club is a great club for anyone, in the Algoma University Community interested in biology and the environment.

SSM Chapter:

We serve as a club to represent and create a safe space for our community of black students in partnership with ACCANO

SSM Chapter:

The CESD Club is an association of students in the Community Economic and Social Development program at Algoma University, as well as supporters of CESD principles and ideals – you don’t have to be a CESD student, but it wouldn’t hurt!

CESD-ers are committed to bettering our communities and learning as much as we can about the world in which we live. We apply the theory and principles of CESD in practical ways, and aim to leave everything we touch just a little bit better than when we found it!

SSM Chapter:

We will organize walks in French, do poetry readings in French on Zoom, music nights in French. The main goals are to foster French speaking & wellness.

 Nous allons organiser des marches en français, faire des soirées de poésie, et des soirées de musique en français. Le but principal est de pouvoir s’exprimer en français et de promouvoir le bien être.

SSM Chapter:

Bring students from all specialities together who have an interested in coding.This club will be open to anyone as it is run online and will have online events to learn more about coding, networking and have guest speakers.



Online Bridge Lessons and Duplicate Games – Learn and Play this fascinating and challenging card game played worldwide by millions.

Brampton Chapter:

Enagage students with different stlyes of dance and cultures. And students in an uplifting environment.

Brampton Chapter:

The Diverse Voices Initiative is a judgement-free/safe space for students to share their lived experiences for the purpose of collaborative university-community action.

SSM Chapter:

To support the Fine Arts Program, Build camaraderie and community among students,Provide opportunities to exhibit artwork, gain work experience, build resumes, visit galleries, and Organize Fine Arts Events.

SSM Chapter:

This club is for people who are big fans of the hit game Five nights at freddy’s (FNAF)

SSM Chapter:

Purpose of this club is to build connections and network with fellow students.

Brampton Chapter:

The Purpose of the club is Connect, Learn and Grow. As an overview the club would be dedicated on together building Projects and Solutions, Learning new platforms, Conducting Programming Events, and Participating in Google related Events.

Connect: Meet students interested in developer technologies at the university. All are welcome, including those with diverse backgrounds and different majors.

Learn: About a range of technical topics and gain new skills through hands-on workshops, events, talks, and project-building activities – both online and in-person.

Grow: Apply new learnings to build great solutions for local problems. Advance your skills, career, and network. Give back to your community by helping others learn, too.

SSM Chapter: is a Canadian non-profit organization focused on youth mental health and suicide prevention. Founded in 2010, the organization has four main programs: Jack Chapters, Jack Talks, Jack Summit, and Jack Ride 

Algoma University students looking to break the stigma surrounding mental health and advocate for mental health services both across campus and city wide.

SSM Chapter:

Volunteer work, be more socially active. Connect with other people to build a good network.

SSM Chapter:

The purpose of the modeling club is to introduce people to the fashion industry. This would help grow their social media platforms and would also give them job opportunities in the modeling industry.

SSM Chapter:

This Club is one that provides students with opportunities to become involved in legal and political issues by engaging conversation with other students through debates and other events. We encourage respectful and meaningful debates and conversations about real world issues.

SSM Chapter:

The SDG Student Hub at Algoma University is an internationally recognized student organization committed to helping our campus community learn about, engage with, and take action on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative is a part of the SDG Students Program, operated by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth initiative (SDSN Youth), launched by former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

Opportunities as a member:

  • Earn a co-curricular credit towards your degree at Algoma University (through active participation in the hub).
  • Participate in educational and solution-oriented activities and events taking place monthly on campus.
  • Access content through SDSN Youth’s online workspace, SDG Zone, SDG Academy prepared by some of the world’s leading experts and organizations and meet fellow Hub Members from all around the world.
  • Join a community of students on campus who are passionate about a sustainable future.
  • Earn an SDG Students Program certificate through active participation in Hub activities.

You can join an international community composed of over seventy-seven global student hubs like ours that operate in over twenty-five countries around the world! Our mission is to promote education and engagement with the SDGs by educating students and providing global opportunities for students to be drivers of new solutions to local problems. In addition, our vision is to create a resource space where Algoma U students can learn about, engage with, and take action on the 17 SDGs.

Join the hub today by filling out this form!



Queer* Coffee is an LGBTQIA2S+ affirming campus club  is a safer space for the Queer* campus community and allies, and it opens up a safer space for Queer* folks and allies on campus. Queer* Coffee Club provides students with an opportunity to meet and connect with one another and as a result, establishes social connections and works to eliminate social isolation. You may find the official Facebook group by searching Algoma University’s, Queer* Coffee Club. The Facebook group helps keep people up to date as to when Queer* Coffee Nights are hosted at Algoma U.

This group is open to anyone who would like to join, but it is important to note that both the Facebook group and the coffee night itself are safe places for community members – no harassment or bullying will be tolerated.

Thank you for respecting this environment and we look forward to an amazing time with you all!

SSM Contact:

The purpose of the club is to talk and discuss about stocks and cryptocurrency.

SSM Chapter:

2022-2023 AUSU Club Recognition

All clubs, whether new or existing, need to apply for recognition annually to ensure that AUSU has all the information needed to support clubs on campus. Club Recognition provides campus clubs with several AUSU services, such as:

  • AUSU volunteers may assist with club activities
  • $500 Annual Club funding grant for club using AUSU banking service
  • Eligibility to apply for additional club funding through AUSU Club Support Fund
  • Website presence on
  • Accommodations to participate in Club Day
  • Coordination of recognition of members for co-curricular record

You will need the following to complete the Club Recognition form:

  • Full Name of  Your Club
  • Description, mandate & purpose 
  • An updated copy of your club constitution (to be renewed annually)
  • Updated primary contact information (please provide two)
  • List of Current Executives and/or Directors
  • Membership information – how many club members do you have?
Online Services

The following services are made available for Clubs at any time.

Google Meets

A great video chat platform for small gatherings like club meetings to get everyone together safely in an online format. The best part? Its free using your AU Student Email!

Zoom Meeting vs Webinar

Used for Large Scale events, can host up to 100 people. 

Email  to book an event


Need help with promoting an event, recruitment or making promotional materials such as posters / videos?