Clubs & Societies

Clubs and societies are a great way to get involved and meet new people on campus! Whether you’re looking to join one of our clubs or start your own, there are endless possibilities!

AU Business Society


The Algoma University Business Society (AUBS) is a student run club that represents the interests of students pursuing their Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Algoma University.


The Sentient

The Sentient is our school newspaper that covers sections such as opinion pieces, community news, sports, editorials and fashion. Assisting with the newspaper will allow you to gain valuable experience in journalism and media studies. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the Algoma University community! Stand up, write it out and let your voice be heard.


Computer Science Club

We are the Algoma University Computer Science Club. Comprised of students in the area of Computer Science, as well as faculty and alumni. The club hosts events to engage the entire student population of Algoma U and offer workshops in conjunction with the Algoma University Students’ Union. T-Shirts are available to order in a variety of colours, viewable on our T-Shirt order page. We are always looking for members! To join, you must be an Algoma U student, alumni or staff/faculty member.


FASS (Fine Arts Student Society of Algoma University)


LPSS (Law and Politics Student Society)

A club dedicated to political involvement, awareness and action at Algoma University. logo is a Canadian non-profit organization focused on youth mental health and suicide prevention. Founded in 2010, the organization has four main programs: Jack Chapters, Jack Talks, Jack Summit, and Jack Ride.


Food Pantry

The Algoma University Students Union Food Pantry is a collectively-run student service that recognizes the pressing, often hidden causes and consequences of student hunger. We further strive to develop awareness and support within the university community and in the City of Sault Ste Marie. 

Our new temporary home from July 2020 to January 1, 2021, is located on the Main Campus in The Globe, International Student Lounge, 2nd floor.  We offer the same confidential and oppressive-free environment in a larger and better equipped area to serve your food needs.

AU Bio Club

Biology Club

Algoma University Biology Club is a great club for anyone, in the Algoma University Community interested in biology and the environment.


Premedical Society

Algoma University Biology Club is a great club for anyone, in the Algoma University Community interested in biology and the environment.

AU Peoples garden logo

People's Garden

The Peoples Garden at Algoma University is an initiative on campus that aims to combat student food insecurity in an ecologically sustainable way by utilizing low-impact, chemical-free gardening techniques. With 13 garden beds we are able to grow a wide variety of produce, experiment with growing techniques, conduct food research and enjoy the fun of being outside.

Located to the North of the Speakeasy, The Peoples Garden operates during the Spring and Summer months to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to the Algoma University community. By partnering with the AUSU Food Pantry, the harvested produce is also stored and distributed to students.

The Peoples Garden Committee is made up of staff, faculty and students to oversee the operation of the garden from planting to harvesting. We also plan events and collaborate with other groups on campus to promote the garden and distribute food.

The opportunity to work in and eat from the garden is open to any member of the Algoma U community. You can access food from the garden by contacting the Peoples Garden Coordinator. Fresh garden produce is also available through the Food Pantry. Follow us on our social media platforms to stay connected and find out what is going on and to find out what is available.Watch for potlucks, harvest dinners, seed exchanges, collaborative art events and much more!

WUSC logo


The Algoma University WUSC Local Community is a non-profit, campus-based organization made up of students, staff, faculty and community members. It is our priority to raise awareness about international development and human rights issues.

Our primary focus is on the Student Refugee Program (SRP). Each year, approximately 50 student refugees enter Canada through the WUSC Student Refugee Program. This program assists refugee students who are searching for an opportunity to continue their post-secondary studies but who have been marginalized due to their fear of persecution in their native countries. The Algoma University Local Committee has successfully sponsored 15 students through the Student Refugee Program over the last 15 years furthering their goal of fostering human development and global understanding through education and training, This is all made possible through a successful referendum campaign in 2010, in which students agreed to support the SRP at Algoma University through the WUSC student fee. This ensured that students sponsored through the Student Refugee Program at Algoma University can receive more support in their first-year in Canada and may lead to the sponsorship of multiple students per year.

There are many exciting opportunities to learn about international development issues through travel to conferences and to work on overseas projects with WUSC. Interested in learning more? Get involved!


Queer Coffee Club

Queer* Coffee is an LGBTQIA2S+ affirming campus club run by one of our 4th year Social Work students, Georgina Bell (She/Her), who is always on campus and a friendly face to talk to! It is a safer space for the Queer* campus community and allies, and it opens up a safer space for Queer* folks and allies on campus. Queer* Coffee Club provides students with an opportunity to meet and connect with one another and as a result, establishes social connections and works to eliminate social isolation. You may find the official Facebook group by searching Algoma University’s, Queer* Coffee Club. The Facebook group helps keep people up to date as to when Queer* Coffee Nights are hosted at Algoma U. This group is open to anyone who would like to join, but it is important to note that both the Facebook group and the coffee night itself are safe places for community members – no harassment or bullying will be tolerated.

Thank you for respecting this environment and we look forward to an amazing time with you all!


English Society

Society for any and all english students (Majors/Minors/Double Majors)


AU Geography & Environmental Club


Social Work Club (Timmins)

Each year the Timmins Social Work Club raises money and/or supplies for charities in need. Students from both degree programs participate.

2020-2021 AUSU Club Recognition

All clubs, whether new or existing, need to apply for recognition annually to ensure that AUSU has all the information needed to support clubs on campus. Club Recognition provides campus clubs with a number of AUSU services, such as:

  • A club locker in the CC Building
  • Banking services – Free of Charge Bank Account, Bank Withdrawal, Bank Deposits & Cheque processing
  • Event/Fundraising support – including the ability to book information booths for fellow students
  • AUSU Executives & Staff as a resource
  • Access to AUSU contacts
  • Free printing, copying, fax and mailing
  • Poster & Campus Advertising/Mail-out privileges
  • $250 Annual Club funding grant (TBD)
  • Invitations to attend workshops & training sessions through AUSU
  • Website presence on
  • Eligibility to apply for additional club funding through the new AUSU Bursary Fund
  • Accommodations to participate in Club Day
  • Coordination of recognition of members for co-curricular record

You will need the following to complete the Club Recognition form:

  • Full Name of  Your Club
  • Description, mandate & purpose 
  • An updated copy of your club constitution (to be renewed annually)
  • Updated primary contact information (please provide two)
  • List of Current Executives and/or Directors
  • Membership information – how many club members do you have?​
Online Services

The following services are made available for Clubs for the duration of the campus closures during Covid-19 to help ensure ​the continued function of clubs and safety of our students.

Google Meets

A great video chat platform for small gatherings like club meetings to get everyone together safely in an online format. The best part? Its free using your AU Student Email!

Zoom Meeting vs Webinar

Used for Large Scale events, can host up to 100 people. 

Email  to book an event


Need help with promoting an event, recruitment or making promotional materials such as posters / videos?