AUSU's People's Garden

The People’s Garden at Algoma University is an on-campus garden whose purpose and mission is to provide fresh produce primarily for all students, but also for staff, faculty, and community members at no cost. Originally, created over a decade ago as a CESD course project, the People’s Garden has grown to over 22 beds (and too many pots to count).

Through collective action and governance, the garden aims to challenge food insecurity and learn about urban agriculture as an important part of social justice and for the betterment of student lives on campus. The garden aims to provide opportunities and an environment in which students are able to cultivate an increased resilience in relation to self-esteem, depression and mental health issues, while increasing community and peer support through gardening. 

The People’s Garden plants each spring, grows and cares for produce throughout the summer, and harvests in the fall season. Seasonal workshops, volunteer days, and other engagement opportunities are hosted throughout the year and developed as a result of student feedback, participation, and needs. 


Peoples Garden

AUSU supports the garden by ensuring the staffing of a student coordinator, providing an annual budget, and coordinating campaigns and events. The People’s Garden works closely with the AUSU Food Pantry, and any fresh produce that is not supplied to the Food Pantry is brought to our partner, Harvest Algoma, to be distributed to community organizations. 

The garden team recognizes that we are on Indigenous land and in a place where Chief Shingwauk had set aside for cross-cultural learning. As such, we recognize that no one person owns this garden; but we collectively steward it for the good for all those interested in its benefits.  

Made up of a collective of diverse-minded people who are committed to food security and sovereignty, the garden team is composed of students, staff, faculty, and community members from the greater Sault Ste. Marie area. Membership to the Peoples Garden group is open to all Algoma University members (students, staff, faculty, and alumni), and we welcome the collaborative efforts of members from the greater Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma area. 

Looking to get involved in the People’s Garden? Fill out this form, and a team member will reach out shortly!

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