Here is a breakdown of AUSU’s fees, budgets and audited financial statements. To see other fees you are charged, visit

These are fees that are paid to AUSU.

  • AUSU Fee - $81.96 (per semester)
    This is the total for students enrolled in 3 or more credits per semester.
  • Health and Dental Fee - $310.00 (once per year)
    This fee can only be used to support the administration of the Health and Dental Plan and Health and Dental Plan Insurance Premiums. The fee can be refunded if a student already has a comparable Health and Dental Insurance coverage.
  • Student Centre Fee - $86.06 (per semester)
    This fee is collected to help offset the construction costs of the Student Centre and AUSU offices as part of the ICT expansion in 2005.

Algoma University collects fees on behalf of other organizations. These fees are included on your student account. Each one was established by an AUSU referendum.

  • CFS Fee - $9.09 per semester
    (included in Ancillary Fee)
    This fee goes to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). Each student pays this fee in order to be a part of AU’S membership of CFS. This group advocates for students from offering subsidized handbook production and campaign materials to providing representation and advocacy for social issues awareness and change to the government. They also provide safe and constructive space for university and college student unions/associations (also in the membership) to collaborate and discuss campus successes and conflicts.
  • WUSC - $7.00 per semester
    (included in Student Services/WUSC Fee)
    Annual refugee student support through World University Services Canada.
  • SASA Operations- $32.14 per semester
    This fee is used in the day to day operations of SASA, this fund also assists with community cultural supports, bursaries, honorariums, orientation of the executives, technology for newly recruited SASA Executives, as well as any contracted consultants/advisors or both within the student body and/or professionals.
  • SASA Events- $21.43 per semester
    This fee supports SASA with hosting several events a month during the academic school year as well as for Indigenous Awareness Month, Treaty week and the annual Gathering at the Rapids Pow Wow. These events vary and hold themes of cultural, spiritual and educational awareness and understanding. Our events are open to all students, in particular our self-identified students with a majority of our events being inclusive to the entire student body, faculty, staff and community members. SASA also partners with committees, organizations within Algoma University including Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig, co-hosting or sponsoring events that promote cultural awareness and cross-cultural learning

Operating Budgets are set by the Board of Directors each year. They are a financial plan of how the AUSU plans to spend its money. After the Operating Budget is passed, The Board of Directors receive reports in their regular meeting agendas on how much has been spent each month. The full budgeting process can be found in AUSU's Policy Section under Financial Policy.

Get Involved!

AUSU’s annual General Election all students at Algoma University have the opportunity to run for seats on AUSU.