Academic Supports

Do you have questions about a University policy and how it applies to you? Having difficulty with a grade appeal? Need advice about how to handle a situation at the University? Concerned about an equity issue on campus?

The AUSU Academic Support Strategist is there for you! 

Academic Support Strategist, Formerly known as Ombudsperson, offers various services meant to support students when they encounter problems and concerns at Algoma University.

In this supportive position, I help students who might otherwise fall through the cracks. I can offer assistance with issues such as:

  • Academic Appeals / Social Programs
  • AlgomaU Assistance
  • OSAP     
  • Policies
  • Support     
  • General Help
  • Complaints / Student Issues    
  • Recommendations

If you have any questions/concerns or would like to make an appointment contact Tyler at 

Tyler Murphy

Tyler Murphy

Academic Support Strategist