Student Resources

We have additional resources that may be helpful in your studies.

Community Resources

We hope that this list helps you to help yourself or helps you to help others. There are general community resources if Algoma University services are not suitable. We have provided a broad range of resources because poverty diminishes access to shelter, food, employment, healthcare, and more.

Sault Ste. Marie Transit Passes

Students in SSM voted during F22 to enter a trial period with SSM City Transit. After that vote, every student on the SSM campus pays $80/semester on their student account.

In return, all SSM students are eligible to get a “BUS STICKER” added to their valid student card. With that sticker, students have access to Transit for the semester. A new sticker will be issued for the Spring semester and the Fall semester. 

Students NOT enrolled in classes during the Spring semester MAY opt in to access the Bus Sticker.

This trial period will continue until after F23, during F23 the policy will be reviewed and either discontinued or set up for a three-year contract.

Get your Bus Sticker at the AUSU office between 10am  – noon each day, or at Student Success whenever they are open.